Things you experience and encounter on the Hvar Sea Kayak tour

This is the small guide about our sea kayak tour in Hvar, which will give you all the information and details you need to know about the whole kayaking experience.
February 17, 2020
What will you experience and see on Hvar Kayak Sea tour What will you experience and see on Hvar Kayak Sea tour

Kayaking is a watersport that involves paddling and kayak for moving across water. The difference from canoeing is in its sitting position of the person and a double-bladed paddle. Kayaking is possible in every type of water, rivers, oceans, or lakes. The design of kayak depends on the specific water conditions. It can be on flat water, whitewater, or surf zone. Due to the various types of kayaking, everyone can enjoy the sport, both beginners and experts. It is quite easy to learn, like cycling. The most important thing to learn is how to paddle. Our instructor will show you the whole technique and will be there for you each step of the journey. With each paddle, your progress will reveal. If you want to learn a new sport or try a new activity, kayaking is a safe choice because beginners can learn it quite fast and enjoy it already on the first day. After a few hours of paddling, you will master the sport and have fun.

 We will provide you with equipment, sea kayak, paddle, life jacket, dry bag, spray skirt, and snorkeling equipment to use. Before beginning, you will have a brief safety talk and introduction to basic sea kayaking techniques. You can choose a single or double seat sea kayak. We mainly use double sea kayaks for shorter trips because they are faster, more stable, spacious, and easier to use for beginner paddlers.

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The adventure starts at Križna Luka beach, which is situated a few minutes from the center of the town Hvar. Kayaking is a remarkable venture where you get to explore the intended Croatian coastline and slide on the still water of the Adriatic Sea, with your family and friends. Pakleni Islands, distinguished by their beauty, isolated lagoons, and idyllic bays with pine trees, are certainly worthy of a visit. Both tourists and locals are spending a lot of their time chilling and relaxing on one of the islands of the archipelago Pakleni Islands. The islands are only reachable by boat, therefore joining a kayaking tour is one way to do it. This beginner-friendly sport is a great way to explore the Pakleni Islands and have a fun workout.

Pakleni Islands or Paklinski Islands have around 20 islands and skerry scattered on the Adriatic Sea in front of the island Hvar. The name of this archipelago comes from Paklina, which stands for a type of pine resin that was used in shipbuilding. This area, along with many others in Dalmatia, is rich with pine forests that provide great shade during hot summer days on the beach.

When we are all set and ready to go, we slide into the sea, and the journey begins. We will sea kayak outside of the Hvar channel encountering the open Adriatic sea and view over the horizon. The moment went you drift away from the land, and slowly paddle into the blue sky and the crystal clear water, where you can’t see the limit, a magical moment happens. You feel like one with nature, and become completely oblivious of what you left behind. The sea becomes glassy and still, surrounding the Pakleni Islands that stand proudly.

The first island that we will encounter is Galešnik, a small uninhabited island that is the closest to the Hvar’s coast. On the island, there is a lighthouse and a fortress that served as a military base and prison. On the citadel, there is a lovely view of the charming town of Hvar. We will continue to paddle towards the next island, Jerolim, a rocky island with a lush pine forest. It’s a marvelous spot to relax from the city buzz and enjoy nature. Jerolim stands between Galešnik and Marinkovac, directly opposite to Hvar town. The clam sea, pebble beaches, shady coves, and the smell of the pines trees give a quite spectacular and peaceful feeling that’s hard to find on the coast during summer days. Jerolim beach is one of the best naturalist beaches in the world. This traditional naturist swimming area has showers and a restaurant.

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The next island is Marinkovac, home to popular bays Stipanska and Ždrilca. On Stipanska, you will find the famous party beach club, Carpe Diem. It has incredible beaches and crystal clear water for relaxation and swimming, as well as a cocktail bar and restaurant that provide night entertainment. After kayaking through the passage Ždrilca, we will reach our destination bay Ždrilca, where we will have one long pause. Bay Ždrilca lies on the opposite side of the Stipanska bay on the western part of the island Marinkovac. The beach Ždrilca has seasonal restaurants and beautiful stone cottages that are a proud representative of Mediterranean architecture. Ždrilca is full of olive trees that give delicious olive oil, which you can try in the restaurant Tri Grede, along with other Dalmatians specialties. This pebbled beach, with pine trees providing amazing shade, will delight you. There is a pathway through which you can walk to the other side of Marinkovac in a short time. When on the beach, enjoy your time swimming, relaxing or grab mask, snorkel, and explore on your own vibrant underwater life.

With kayaking, you will experience the majestic Adriatic sea, and at the same time, discover the surroundings of Croatian sunniest island Hvar. Even though Pakleni Islands are not inhabited, they remain hot spots during its season from many people. This experience is a small example of a lifestyle in Dalmatia. If you want to spend an active holiday discovering the beauty of Croatia, kayaking is an excellent choice for you.