5 reasons why an active holiday is a great idea

As tempting as this sounds, there are no long term benefits of this type of vacation. We need to reconsider how we want to spend our free time, remembering it should have a longer positive impact on our life. In our everyday life, we are trying to balance our work and private life. We are living in this fast-paced society that often leaves us feeling stressed and in constant need of more time. Therefore it is essential to regenerate our energy and to experience things away from every day hectic environments. Having that in mind, we created a list of reasons (benefits) why to choose an active holiday instead of a traditional vacation with some or none activity.

Here are 5 benefits of having an active holiday:

1. Adventure vacation is a great experience for friends and family

Usually, we spend our vacation with friends or family. Even though we enjoy spending time with our loved ones, sometimes it can be a bit difficult to coordinate a trip with a larger group of people. Often people are not willing to compromise, and they choose to separate from the group to do their own thing planed. But if your vacation involves a least one or two activities in which everyone can participate in, it will create a more exciting atmosphere. It is hard to say no to a new thrilling adventure in a new country. The adventure you take on will allow you to experience and enjoy something together. There is a wide range of adventures you can take, from outdoor activities to tours and excursions. Also, there is no need for previous experience to take on an outdoor adventure.

Why should you have an active holiday 2

2. New achievements will give us confidence in everyday life

We are already acquainted with the fact that exercise helps us in reducing stress and triggers positive feelings. When you combine sport and adventure, the result is even more remarkable. Accomplishing or learning something new in a relaxed environment without pressure gives us a lasting and inspiring feel. The sense of pride befalls on us because we dared to indulge in an adventure activity. It can be hiking, kayaking, or bungee jump. Regardless of what activity is, it allows us to see life from a different perspective, and realize that our daily struggles can be solved. Anticipating in adventure activity can give us long term courage and confidence to confront and overcome challenges that come in our way. New experiences are a fundamental source for finding our strengths and discovering who we are.

3. It can create closer bonds between family members

Nowadays, when planning a holiday, parents include children’s needs and desires. There are fewer holidays where parents pick just activities like spending the whole day at the beach or sightseeing the ancient ruins and museums. Activities that involve both kids and parents should be on the itinerary of the trip. Having activity planned on vacation can successfully combine both the wishes of the parent and kids. Everybody can be included in this adventure activity and can participate. Learning some new skills or sport can be fun and educational. Also, it can create closer bonds between siblings. Kids can see their parents tackling something new. In this way, the whole family can reconnect and build memories that will last for a long time. In our busy everyday life, spending time with family and learning something new away from work and school obligations is a key to everlasting good and healthy relations.

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4. Visible improvement of life satisfaction and mindfulness after adventure trip

Mindfulness is defined as awareness and acceptance of present-moment experiences. During outdoor adventures, individuals are generally more mindful due to the new and unpredictable environment. Outside of usual daily routines without any distractions, people can focus on the present moment and have some time to devote to their feelings and thoughts while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature. Experiencing outdoor adventure can increase self-efficacy, mindfulness, and subjective well-being. The research with those results included two types of study. The first study included 14-year old pupils that participated in a successful nine-day hike through the Alps. The second study involved students that spent eight days in the wilderness of the Norwegian Hardangervidda region. The results confirm an increase in life satisfaction, happiness, mindfulness, and a lower sign of stress. The findings from this research show that the mental health benefits of outdoor adventures are significant.

5. Interacting with nature has a prominent positive outcome

Spending time in nature, hiking, camping, kayaking, or just walking provides us with contempt and a peaceful feel. Fresh, clean air and sun is an excellent combination for improving mood and boosting energy level. The research that examines benefits for people when interacting with nature shows a broad range of measurable human benefits, including positive effects on physical health, psychological well-being, cognitive ability, and social cohesion. The important thing for having a positive outcome is access to green space and natural areas for facilitating activities that are beneficial for human well-being. When traveling, take the opportunity to discover parks, woods, rivers, and mountains in that new unknown place. Besides having vast benefits for your health, it can be a fun experience, where you get to explore different vegetation and beauty that nature is giving us.